It is free to be listed in the Medlinks Medical Practitioners Directory for all doctors (specialists and general practitioners) in the Nepean, Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury areas.  A standard free listing includes your name, one practice address, phone number and fax number.

Simply complete the form below. 

Once you have completed the form, your details will be promptly added to the online Directory and included in our printed Directory, which is produced and distributed every 12 months.

Alternatively, a Premium Listing is available to include additional information about your practice such as post-nominals, special interests, other locations and further contact information.  It is placed in a prominent box of a fixed size in the printed directory, using the current edition colour.  It will appear alphabetically before free listings in the online Directory.

A further option to promote your practice is to place an Advertisement in print which will also appear online.  Click here for more information about advertising. 

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