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If you are for some reason unhappy with your paid advertising products, we are happy to exchange or refund your online advertising commitment or part thereof calculated on time published, and take your listing down. If you purchase advertising in our printed directory and for some reason are not happy with the service provided, refund is not available.

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Special Health Content Notice
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Privacy Policy – Medlinks
Our privacy policy is designed to ensure your personal information is protected. We respect your privacy. Any personal information collected by this website will be kept strictly private and confidential, except the information expressly requested to be listed in the general, published directory.

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No information collected and published on this website or in our print directory will be sold, rented or disclosed to third parties.

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Medlinks will collect how many times an advertisement is viewed, and other analytics readily available on browser history sites. This is not personally attributed to any individual visitor or visitor details to the site.

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